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In this article we are going to highlight the different types of poker chips for you. The MEC Shop offers many different types of poker chips, and therefore it is helpful to know more about certain poker chips. This will allow you to know exactly which poker chips are best for you. Poker chips, together with poker cards , are two important elements in poker. We divide poker chips into three different types: ABS poker chips, Clay poker chips and ceramic poker chips.

ABS poker chips

The ABS poker chips are the cheapest poker chips on the market. The poker chips are made of plastic and are relatively light. The ABS poker chips are made of plastic, but are weighted with a metal frame on the inside. The poker chips weigh around 10 grams per chip.

The values on the poker chip are indicated with a plastic sticker or with a print. This varies with each type of chip. Often these chips are of less interest to people serious about poker. These players often tend to go more for the quality and appearance of casino. These poker chips also last longer and are less likely to be damaged.

It is possible to order a sample pack of the ABS poker chips. From €2,25 you can have a test set and know if the ABS poker chips is something for you.

Clay poker chips

The name says it all, the Clay poker chips are made of clay. This also makes them the poker chips with the most weight. This often gives the poker player a sense of luxury and professionalism. Clay poker chips come in two different types. The most common is the clay composite poker chip. The poker chip is not 100% clay, but is made up of a mix of different materials. The other variety is pure clay. These poker chips are made only of the material clay. They are also heavier than the clay composite poker chip. The weight is usually between 11 and 14 grams. In casinos, poker chips made of 100% clay are generally played with.

It is also possible to order a test set of Clay poker chips. From €5,50 it is already possible to test the poker chips. Furthermore these poker chips are also for sale in a composed poker set.

Ceramic poker chips

The third and final type of poker chips are the ceramic poker chips. These are generally the most expensive poker chips we sell in our shop. Ceramic is a baked clay that is harder and lighter than ordinary clay. In addition, the poker chips can be completely color-printed and therefore often have the most beautiful designs. These poker chips give a great atmosphere on a poker table or poker mat

Ceramic chips give poker players a real casino feel. This is mainly because these poker chips are also used in the casino. A test set of the ceramic poker chips can be purchased for as little as €4.95.


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