Poker set

Poker sets are carefully put together at MEC Shop. The poker cases are filled with all the necessities for playing poker. Chips, cards, dealer buttons and poker cases of the best quality.

Not sure about the chips you want in your poker set? It is also possible to order a trial set . This way you can easily compare the chips with each other.

Buying a poker set? These are Anzahl points of interest!

There are many different types of poker sets, which can sometimes make it difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, ask yourself the right questions when selecting your ideal poker set.

One important consideration is how many people you want to play poker with. Poker sets come in different sizes. If you only want to play poker with a few friends, a poker set with 300 or 500 chips is usually enough. Want to play with more than 6 people? Then we recommend you to buy a bigger set of 750 or 1000 chips. The poker sets from MEC Shop are carefully selected, which means that there are enough chips of all different values to be distributed logically among the players. If you are not sure about the maximum number of people you want to play poker with, it is recommended to buy a poker set of 1000 chips. This way you will never be short of chips. Besides, you can leave the chips you don't use in the suitcase.

The case is important in order to transport your poker set safely. For example, if you are going to visit friends and want to take your poker set with you, it is practical if you can take it with you safely and then store it again easily. The cases we use at MEC Shop for putting together the sets are made of aluminium, which is light but ensures sturdiness. Especially the sets with 1000 chips in them are very heavy. It is therefore important that the case cannot simply sag. The sturdiness of the locks and the handle is also important when the case contains a lot of weight. The foam on the inside of the case ensures that your chips cannot move around during transport. As a result, they cannot be damaged in the case.

What are good poker sets made of?

In order to play poker at home as professionally as possible, there are Anzahl factors that your poker set must meet. First of all, it is important that the set contains professional poker cards. This means that the cards are made of 100% plastic. This prevents the cards from sagging or lifting at the edges. This is important in poker because the cards are often "played". This means that the corners of the cards are carefully lifted to look at them. Of course, this has everything to do with not wanting your opponents to see your cards. If the cards were to become crooked, the more you use them, the harder it would be to protect them from other players. Simple playing cards, such as those used in games like bullying, are therefore totally unsuitable for playing poker.

Another important aspect of a good poker set is the chips. Earlier we talked about the material the chips are made of. It is also important that the chips have clear colours that distinguish them from each other. It is also important that the chips are marked with values. These values must be logically distributed and in proportion to each other. Some sets have values starting at 1, others start at 100 or 10000. In principle, this does not matter. What is important, however, is that the values do not make calculation unnecessarily difficult. Therefore, look for the values that you find easiest to use and clearest.

What are the main differences between poker sets?

The biggest difference between poker sets is made by the material of the chips. If you want to buy a poker set you have the choice between three different types of chips, namely ABS, clay or ceramic. All poker sets come with professional poker cards, but the chips make the difference.

ABS Chips

ABS chips are the cheapest chips we sell. The material (mainly plastic) is in fact cheaper than clay or ceramics. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene. Despite the fact that these chips are made of plastic, they are still relatively sturdy. This is because there is a metal frame on the inside of the chip. This makes them stronger than toy chips, which are made of 100% plastic. The metal frame makes sure that ABS chips still have some weight. This makes the chips feel better than chips made entirely of plastic. The chips usually have a weight of 10-12 grams per piece. The price of the ABS chips is usually around €0,18 per chip. If you want to go for luxury chips with the feel of real casino chips, we don't recommend ABS chips. In that case, you better look for chips made of clay or ceramic.

Clay Chips

Clay chips are usually made of clay composite. This actually stands for different materials including clay. There are also 100% clay chips, which consist only of clay. Clay poker chips are more luxurious and heavier than plastic ones. This is why you will experience the real casino feeling when you get them in your hands. Clay chips are usually 12-14 grams each. The value indication is usually on a high quality sticker that is put on the chips. These stickers are very well attached to an inlay in the chips. This makes it impossible for them to come off. The stickers on the chips provide extra detail and add to the luxurious casino look. Clay chips usually consist of two colour combinations. The more expensive clay chips even have three different colours per chip. The price of clay chips is usually between €0.25 and €0.35 per chip.

Ceramic Chips

You can only experience the real luxury and casino feeling with ceramic chips. With an average price between €0.60 and €0.80 per chip, these chips are the most expensive chips in our assortment. Despite the fact that these chips are on average a bit lighter than clay chips, the material has a unique luxury look and feel. Ceramic chips are real casino chips. Ceramic chips are printed in full-color, so they contain a lot of colour and detail.

What should be in a poker set to play Texas Holdem?

In order to play Texas Holdem poker, a number of things are essential. Anzahl First, of course, you need cards. Every good poker set has at least two different decks of playing cards. If you have two packs, you can easily switch to dealing and have someone shuffle before the hand is dealt. In addition, poker chips are, of course, indispensable in your poker suitcase. These chips come in different denominations, so you can easily play in all blind levels. How many poker chips you need depends on the Anzahl people you play poker with and the blind levels during the tournament.

In addition to chips and cards, there is always a dealer button in a poker set. With the dealer button you keep track of the positions at the table and you can easily rotate these positions. In some home games another object is used as dealer button, but of course your poker night is not complete without a real button. Many of the poker sets on MEC Shop come with cutcards. These cut cards are used when shuffling the cards. By keeping the cutcards on the bottom, players cannot see which card is at the bottom of the deck. A cut card is necessary to be able to deal properly.

To make your own poker tournament complete, you can complement your poker set with an ''all-in triangle''. This can be placed on the table or on top of the stack when a player goes all-in. Besides making it easy to see who is all-in, this also adds to the excitement at the poker table. When you buy a poker game, it doesn't always come with an all-in triangle. It is not necessary to play poker. It's just a nice accessory to spice up a poker night with friends.

Tips for buying a poker set

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the various materials used to make poker chips. To make sure your poker set doesn't disappoint, it's good to have a clear expectation about the look of the chips. If you want a set that looks like the casino's material, we recommend you buy a set with chips made of clay or ceramic.

It never hurts to buy some extra packs of poker cards with your set. If you are playing a home game and one of the decks is damaged, this can be annoying. Damaging one of the cards allows players to see which card it is. This is really a no-go when playing poker. In general, plastic poker cards last a very long time, but you want to reduce the risk of a marked card while playing. If you buy extra cards, always make sure your decks are of different colours. This way, the decks can't get mixed up.

Consider the Anzahl people you want to play poker with. Most poker sets consist of 300, 500, 750 or 1000 chips. If you want to play with a few friends, a set of 300 or 500 chips will do. If you are going to play with six to ten people, a larger set is recommended. If you are going to play poker with more than ten people, it is good to buy a set of 1000 chips.

Tips for maintaining your poker set

If you are going to play poker, play on a professional poker table, a rubber poker mat or if necessary a tablecloth. First of all, this gives much more of the experience and atmosphere of playing poker in a real casino. The cards glide smoothly over the table, the poker chips are easy to slide back and forth and it is much easier to deal the poker cards. It is also good for the preservation of your equipment. Cards are less likely to wear out and chips are less likely to break. Chips also make a lot less noise on a soft surface, which makes for nicer playing.

Store your poker set in a safe and moisture-free place. This way, the materials will last the longest and you will be able to enjoy them as long as possible. Do not put any heavy objects on your aluminium case either. This prevents the case from breaking.

Always sort the chips neatly into the case after use. This way, you will be less likely to lose them. It will also make it easier to divide stacks again the next time you use them, if the chips are sorted properly.

Looking for a truly unique poker experience? Then it might be something for you to have a luxury custom poker table made. All your wishes can be incorporated into the design of a completely personalized table.

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