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Do you want to feel like you're playing at a real poker table, but don't have room for one? The poker mat is the perfect solution. It turns any ordinary table into a real poker table within seconds.

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What is a poker mat?

A poker mat is a high-quality roll-up mat that you can use to play poker on a regular table. The poker mats are made of rubber and finished with a smooth top, which makes it feel like a real poker table. The rubber provides cushioning, making it easy to play with chips without producing much noise. The top layer makes the playing cards glide across the table, just like on a real poker table. Playing poker on an ordinary table is not pleasant, because the cards often don't slide over the table properly and the chips make a lot of noise on the hard surface.

The underside of the mat is non-slip, which prevents it from sliding around on the table. Sometimes poker mats are sold separately or with a chipset. However, this is very different from a poker mat. A rug is made of thin material and shifts easily when you put it on a table. In addition, rugs are usually made of fabric on which cards do not slide easily. This makes dealing more difficult. You don't have these kinds of problems with a rubber poker mat.

Depending on the size of the table, the poker mat can cover the entire surface of the table. The poker mats are suitable for playing poker with 8 people.

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Many people choose to buy a poker mat instead of a poker table for practical reasons. Although both are completely different products, there are a lot of similarities when it comes to playing experience. However, a poker mat has a Anzahl advantages over a poker table. These are described below.

The advantages of a poker mat

The biggest advantage of a poker mat is the storage and transport of the mat. The poker mats come in a carrying bag which makes it easy to take them anywhere. Where you need a van to take a poker table with you, you can easily throw a rolled-up mat in the boot. If you like to play poker at home once in a while, it is often difficult to store a large foldable poker table. The storage covers of the poker mats on the other hand are compact and easy to store in a cupboard or on a shelf.

As already mentioned, the advantage of using a poker mat over playing poker on a regular table lies in the material. The rubber of the mat provides cushioning and the smooth top ensures that the cards slide across the table.

The poker mats are available in different colours. Do you like variation? Then the poker mats you play on are easy to change if you have several colours in your possession.

Complete your poker night

A poker mat is the perfect accessory to easily organise a poker night. Because of the mobility of the product, this can be done at home or elsewhere. To make your poker night complete, you can add a professional poker set to your poker collection. These sets are equipped with high quality poker chips and poker cards. Do you have enough room in your house and do you prefer a real poker table? Then also take a look at the professional tables of MEC Shop.

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