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Our assortment consists of various poker tables optimized for different poker games. We have a real cash game table and several types of poker tournament tables. In addition, we have a somewhat smaller poker table for the somewhat smaller rooms.


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Standard poker tables

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Standard poker tables

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Standard poker tables

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Buying a poker table

When buying a poker table, several things are important. Consider all possibilities before buying your ideal poker table. An important consideration is the size of the poker table. How big is the room where you want to place the poker table and with how many people do you want to sit at the table? Do you want to sit with eight to ten people at the table? Then the length of the table will soon be longer than 200 centimetres. Do you want to play poker with a small group? Then there are also smaller models of, for example, 120 centimetres. When selecting a table, please bear in mind that there will also be chairs around it. Add about one metre to the total size. This way all players have enough room to sit at the table.

Don't have enough room to keep the poker table? No problem at all. Many of the poker tables in the MEC Shop are foldable poker tables. This allows you to easily store the table after playing. Folding the tables is easy and quick. The tables can also be easily lifted by two persons, making them easy to move. The folding legs of the tables are not much less stable than fixed legs.

Differences in poker tables

An important difference between poker tables is the size. Besides the size, there are many other options that distinguish tables. For example, you have tournament tables and cash game tables. The difference between these two tables is clearly visible on the top. Cash game tables have a special area for a dealer to sit. A chip rack is also located in this area of the table. This is not the case at a tournament poker table. These have a continuous ring. Other than that, there is little difference between the tables. They both have cupholders for all players and a similar racetrack.

Some poker tables have a wooden rim around the race track where the cupholders are incorporated. At other tables, the cupholders are built into the cloth. In order to clearly indicate when chips are placed, all poker tables have a dividing line. The table frame is also not the same at all tables. Many tables have folding legs. This is especially convenient when playing a tournament. In most cases, you do not have enough space to put all these tables up. Do you have only one table and is it in a place where it is not in the way? Then of course it is nice to leave it there. In that case, you can opt for a fixed base. This looks more luxurious and is also more stable than folding poker tables.

Luxury poker tables

Is it often dark in the place where your table will be or are you just looking for some extra atmosphere? Then a poker table with LED lighting is really something for you. These tables are equipped with a led cable in the edge of the table, which subtly illuminates the table top. This immediately brings the casino atmosphere into your home game. The led lighting can be adjusted to different colours that give the right ambiance to your poker room. The led lighting is neatly concealed, and is not noticeable when it is not turned on.

Combine the LED lighting with a table in the colour you like best. Traditionally poker tables are often green, red, blau or black. All these colours are available with most of our models. This way you bring the look of a poker table from the casino into your home.

Custom poker tables

If you don't want just any poker table and are really looking for something unique, consider a custom poker table. Michael van Gerwen already had a custom table made with his own logo on it. The possibilities are endless when creating your unique table.

Think of combining the most beautiful top with the most beautiful base. A folding base often looks more simple and cheaper than a base with wide wooden legs, or legs with a marble look. The cloth of the table can also be completely customised. You can have the speedcloth printed with whatever you want. This makes your poker table truly unique and recognisable.

Materials of poker tables

A poker table consists of many different materials. The more luxurious these materials are, the nicer the table. At the moment you want to move the table often, it is also practical if the table is not too heavy. The materials used to make the poker tables are therefore chosen selectively. The most important thing is of course the playing experience at the table. The tables must feel like the poker tables in the casino.

The top of a poker table is made of speedcloth. This is a high-quality material that ensures that the cards slide easily over the table. Speedcloth consists of polyester and has the great advantage of being moisture-resistant and smooth. Underneath is a layer of foam, which ensures that the chips do not make much noise while playing. Some tables have a wooden edge with cupholders around this speedcloth. Others have the cupholders in the cloth. These holders are handy to put your drink in and prevent the chance of someone spilling their drink all over the table. The edge of the poker table is in most cases made of artificial leather and seamlessly finished. There are many different types of artificial leather, which only give a different accent to the table. The top under the speedcloth is often made of a type of wood, to which then the legs are attached. Collapsible legs are often made of steel, fixed legs are available in various materials including wood.

Can you also rent a poker table?

Many people consider renting a poker table for a poker night, because they don't have the space to permanently set up a poker table. With the easy foldable poker tables this problem is history. These tables are easy to fold up. Besides, the tables are relatively light. With two people, the table is easy to lift and move. The price of renting a poker table is usually so high, including travel costs, that in many cases it makes more sense to buy your own table.

Complete poker night

Once you've purchased a poker table, you're almost ready for your first home game. Also take a look at our poker sets, to complete your poker set-up. Do you already have poker cards, but are you still looking for poker chips? Please visit MEC Shop as well.

Would you like to buy a poker table, but you just don't have the room for it? Then consider the option of a poker mat. With a poker mat, you can turn your kitchen table into a poker table in no time. Although a poker mat doesn't have the luxurious look of a poker table, it does make it a lot easier to play cards on than an ordinary table.

So poker tables come in all shapes and sizes. A poker table contains many details, such as the speedcloth, the edge of artificial leather, the legs and the option of led lighting. There are many options for making the most beautiful poker tables. The poker tables from MEC Shop are made in close cooperation with the factory in China. Every time again, the designs are optimized based on the use of real poker enthusiasts. You don't just buy a poker table, but one thing is certain. As a real poker fanatic, a poker table is a purchase you will not easily regret.

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