Tips for Father's Day!

5 unique father's day tips

The third Sunday of June is approaching again, which means that many people are looking for a nice gift for Father's Day. provides you with Anzahl great tips to surprise your father, father-in-law or the father of your child.

Father's Day tip 1: World Series of Poker cards (limited edition)

This set of poker cards is made by the official purveyor of the World Series of Poker when it comes to playing cards. They are actually used in all World Series of Poker tournaments. This limited edition consists of two sets and comes in a deluxe box.

Father's Day tip 2: An educational or fascinating poker book

Are you thinking of a good book to give as a Father's Day gift? Below you'll find three of my favorites when it comes to the different aspects of poker. If your father is fascinated by poker and wants to know everything about the development of the game, then Life's a Gamble by Mike Sexton is a real must-have. Would he rather read why some players become hugely successful while others fail? In 'The Pursuit of Poker Success' you can read the opinions of the 50 most prominent professional poker players in the world. If he'd rather learn more about the theory behind the game, I recommend 'Exploitative Play in Live Poker'. In this book you'll learn one of the most successful techniques when it comes to playing poker profitably and exploiting your opponents' weaknesses.


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Father's Day tip 3: The Rubber Poker Mat

Is your father a real family man and does he enjoy playing games at the kitchen table? The popular Rubber Poker Mat gives every game an extra dimension. The Rubber Poker Mat is made in such a way that it does not slide off the table. The mat muffles the loud noise of poker chips and dice. On a hard table it is often difficult to pick up playing cards, but on the Rubber Poker mat this is no problem at all. After use you can roll up the mat, so that it takes up little space when you store it.

Poker mats

Rubber Poker Mat black/red/blau/Green


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Father's day tip 4: A complete poker set

Many people regularly play a game of poker, but still miss the fun and convenience of real poker chips and good poker cards. Is your father also one of those people who always wanted a complete poker set? On you can choose for several poker sets. The ABS cahsgame set complete consists of 500 ABS cashgame chips and all other materials to make a poker night complete. All chips and materials are stored in a nice poker case. With a smaller budget you can also choose to buy the Starters poker set as a gift for father's day.

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Cashgame poker sets

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Cashgame poker sets

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Father's day tip 5: A real poker table!

Do you really want to buy something special for your father and has he always wanted a real poker table, then the 'My Poker Game' Poker Table is the perfect table for him. This table has the appearance of a professional poker table and is of excellent quality. This table has room for 10 people, each with their own cup holder. Besides the synthetic leather edge (in which the cup holders are incorporated) the table is completely covered with a high-quality Speedcloth cloth. You can easily store the table by means of the iron folding legs and the light weight.


Poker table My Poker Game


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