What accessories should not be missing when hosting a home game? 

Organizing a home game may sound easy, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Besides inviting the right people and finding a suitable space, you need to think about several things. How about poker accessories? In this article we give you some useful tips to make your homegame run more smoothly.

Cut Cards

The first poker accessory we are going to delve into is cut cards. A cut card is a card that you slide under your cards after you shuffle the cards. This allows the players at the table to never see the bottom card in the deck. A cut card prevents some players from having additional information before the cards are dealt. By the way, a cut card is not often used during home games; we recommend it at all times.

Dealer buttons and all-in buttons

During poker, you make use of different types of buttons. Examples are dealer buttons and all-in buttons. These buttons should not be missing from a home game. The dealer button is placed near the dealer every hand so that the positions at the table are clear. When a hand is over the dealer button moves one spot to the left. Especially when playing with a regular dealer, a dealer button is a must. A dealer button comes in different shapes and sizes.

In addition to the dealer button, the all-in button is another important accessory that should not be missing during a home game. As its name implies, the all-in button is used when a player decides to go all-in. The dealer moves the button toward the player to clearly indicate that this player is all-in on this hand. The button provides clarity and prevents ambiguity. As with the dealer button, there are different types of all-in buttons.

Chip Rack / Chip Tray

Should you change tables during a home game or tournament, a chip rack is very handy. In a chip rack you can place all your poker chips so you can move to another table without any problems. You can put the poker chips with the same value together so you can quickly put everything back on the table You make it a lot easier on yourself and the other players by using a chip rack. You will find that you can quickly move on to the next hand. A chip rack is a luxury poker accessory at a nice price.

Other poker accessories

There are also poker accessories that come in handy when we talk about poker in general. These include chip spacers. A chip spacer keeps your poker chip collection neat and organized. This chip spacer can be used for in your poker set or chip rack. They are used to count, separate and organize your poker chips.

The next poker accessory that can be an important value is a protective cover for around your poker table. The cover prevents damage to your poker table and ensures that you can always bring it back clean for the day.

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